“Beauty in Italy is an all-encompassing tourism company directed and coordinated by Violetta Buti. Her home and office are situated in the historic center of culture.

She has worked in the travel business for the past 20 years and, in particular, she is the owner of “Beauty In Italy, a Tour Company and Travel Agency, based in Florence, Italy. She is specialized in INCOMING tourism, organization of stays in Italy for all those who desire special attention in the choice of their itineraries and hotels, tailor-made trips not to be found at the usual tour operator. She can count on the help of highly specialized professionals in tourism.

She also works as tour guide and accompanies small travel groups, which may include couples, families and single visitors who desire to visit Florence and Tuscany – and she also coordinates and can count on the cooperation of other professionals who are also official tour guides and specialists in the art, historic and cultural field. Another important part of her work is “alternative” tourism: nature, country, mountains, beaches along the Tuscan coast line, the Apennine Mountains, etc.

The profession of tour guide in Italy can only be practised by having an official license after taking a very selective exam about art history and foreign languages that need many years of study and preparation.

Violetta speaks English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian, fluently. She has taken many continuing education courses in Italy, in the United States, Germany, France, Belgium and Spain to enable her to offer you superior services in travel and tourism in Italy. She often travels to the USA where she has many friends and can learn more about the American culture so that she can better serve her clients.

Furthermore, she was an American Field Service senior high-school exchange student in Iowa, USA, in 1974/75. In 1985, she became an administrative assistant in foreign languages in Hamburg, Germany. In 1986 she was a student at the Sorbonne University in Paris, France. She has lived and traveled extensively in many countries.

“Beauty in Italy” also offers means of transportation, private drivers, accommodations, etc.

Join Violetta and her team for your best travel experience ever!

Beauty In Italy di Violetta Buti
Via Giotto 49
50121 Florence
Tel./Fax: (39) 055 2477432
Mobile: (39) 335 6280524
E-mail: info@beautyinitaly.com

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