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Genoa: harbour city & much more

The northern city of Genova, in the Liguria region, is not a city known to the majority of visitors to Italy and maybe not even to Italians. Yet, in the eleventh and twelfth century it was one of the four leading “Maritime Republics” of the Italian peninsula, in 1451 Christopher Columbus was born here,  and in the Renaissance period it enjoyed incredible prosperity prompting important artists such as Anton Van Dyck to move here.

Spending time in the city center is the best way to experience the many historic art buildings. There is quite a list of things to see and do here:  (Doge’s Palace, just like in Venice!), the tiny “carrugi” alleys, the food tradition (world-known  “pesto” sauce made of Basil, “pinoli” pine nuts, parmesan cheese, olive oil, garlic), the sea port ambience (the most important harbor in Italy) with its aquarium, ships, yachts, BIGO the metallic crane offering quite a view over the city built by Italian contemporary architect Renzo Piano and/or the opportunity to attend an opera performance at the “Carlo Felice” theater.

For you, we have chosen for you a five-star _historic hotel_ characterized by unique furnishing elements of the architectural tradition of the **Liguria** region, which utilizes sea and sunset colors. Each room is embellished by many authentic period pieces of old transatlantic liners. Mediterranean classic  atmosphere and refined menus of Ligury tradition can be enjoyed at the hotel’s restaurant.

Day excursions can easily be organized from Genova to **Portofino**, the **Cinque Terre**, **Forte dei Marmi** (chic town in Tuscany) and **Pisa** ( world-famous leaning tower).

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