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From analysis and market studies in Europe for travel trends in 2021, it is clear that:

1) Everyone has a great desire to return to travel

2) Given the uncertainty of the moment due to the pandemic and pending vaccination in progress everywhere and which will continue throughout the year, travellers' decisions on when to travel will be based on FLEXIBILITY: they will leave at the last moment and book shortly before departure or even during their journey

3) As a travel destination, places in the countryside and small villages are favoured.

4) Many travellers will choose to camp or spend their vacations in holiday apartments in order to be independent and at the same time be surrounded by nature

5) "SMALL" will be better than "big", therefore those who will choose a hotel accommodation, will prefer small facilities and guesthouses

On the other hand, this trend was also noticed in 2020 and perhaps it will be an aspect that will consolidate in the years to come when we talk of holidays.

Italy has beautiful nature, enjoys a good climate and is dotted with beautiful villages. Tuscany can offer you all this and can be reached by car from the north of Europe

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