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Pesto sauce Italian way

Genua Basil

Pesto sauce Italian way is actually a recipe from the northern city of Genoa, in the Liguria region famous for the Cinque Terre. It is now known and appreciated world wide.

It only takes 10 minutes to prepare a good pesto... once you have the right ingredients.

Basil is the fundamental ingredient. It should be the variety from Liguria, which is smaller, with oval and convex leaves, light green, with a more delicate perfume than the usual basil and without the fragrance typical of mint.

Pinoli - pine nuts from domestic pine trees so typical of Italy and the Mediterranean coast. They differ from the Chinese and Pakistani ones for the ivory white and uniform colour. Their flavour is reminiscent of the resinous aromas of pine. In Italy food product monitoring is very strict.

Coarse salt


Olive oil

Ice cubes

Parmesan cheese

Pecorino cheese


50 gr of Ligurian basil leaves

20 gr of pine nuts

2-3 grains of coarse salt

a small garlic clove

1 deciliter of olive oil (not of the freshly pressed one)

1 ice cube


Put in a tall bowl and mix. Then add 70 gr. parmesan cheese and 30 gr. grated hard pecorino cheese. Mix again: Your pesto sauce is ready. 

The pasta that is best eaten with a pesto sauce should be flat and long; TAGLIERINI  is the best, especially if they are home made.