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Pasta Cooking Class in Florence, Tuscany

Making pappardelle Italian way

What we propose is to spend an afternoon, or morning if you prefer, with a local Italian chef in his/her home. Please note: This is not a touristy experience as we only hold some classes during the year.  Our chef will be happy to share his knowledge of pasta making with you, at this home, using seasonal produce and his cookery art. We can organise a transfer for you to arrive at his/her home, with a driver picking you up at your accommodation to take you to  the edge of Florence, to a cute hamlet surrounded by vegetable gardens and olive groves.

The cooking lesson will be held in a typical Tuscan style house with wooden beams and furniture. Some of the dough will already have been prepared in advance as the dough has to rest before being rolled and put in the pans and trays: This is the one that we will use to make the pasta. But be reassured, upon arrival and after washing your hands and receiving your apron, you will start making your own dough from the very beginning: different kinds and quantity of flours, water, a pinch of salt, eggs... Afterward you will work the dough under the guidance and teaching of our local Italian cook. Rolling out the dough with a rolling pin will be fun. You can choose to make spaghetti alla chitarra with a fun instrument from the Abruzzo Italian region (its cords really sound like a guitar's instrument!), tagliatelle or pappardelle... Each pasta in Italy goes with a different sauce: spaghetti alla chitarra is best to be eaten with pesto, tagliatelle with a beef meat sauce, pappardelle with a wild boar sauce... you will learn to make at least one of these sauces, while another sauce will already have been prepared in advance.

Let yourselves be surprised with our pasta making lesson, eat with us either lunch or dinner and savour pasta and our Italian cuisine!

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