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Verona: honeymoons & anniversaries

No matter what season you go, Verona is always worth a visit! This is the city where William Shakespeare chose to set the love story of star-crossed teenage lovers Romeo and Juliet, a city full of romance and ancient art, including the famous arena where the world-known opera festival takes place every summer. We have chosen for you the romantic atmosphere of a 5-star hotel in the historic center of Verona near the church of Sant’Anastasia, which is a stone’s through from Juliet’s famous balcony, piazza Bra’ and the arena. Here you will also be able to enjoy exclusive and intimate candlelight gourmet dinners. Depending on your interests and preferences you can decide to explore the city on your own and just relax or we can suggest a walking tour accompanied by a professional guide, and/or an excursion to the beautiful **Lake Garda**, the largest lake in Italy, situated at the foot  of the Alps. From mid June to the end of August the open-air **Opera Festival** takes place at the arena: We will be happy to reserve and purchase for you  in advance tickets for the best seats. For further information please write to