Cooking and tasting in Tuscany

In FLORENCE and in TUSCANY: cooking lessons in renowned restaurants and schools, tastings of chocolate, wine, extra virgin olive oil, cheese ... an endless list of excellent Italian products.

Tuscan extra virgin olive oil tastings

You will be taken on a discovery of this produce which is very much appreciated in Tuscany. The olive tree, together with the vine, has characterized the Tuscan landscape since ancient times. A healthy and natural product, obtained through the pressing of olives using exclusively mechanical means, and without the addition of any other ingredient.

Pizza lessons

Flour, water, yeast and a pinch of salt: these are the ingredients to make the perfect pizza. Our trusted pizza chef will teach you, either at his restaurant or, in the more familiar setting of his home. Savory pizzas and sweet pizzas for every taste!

Coffee tour and cappuccino

From a visit to a coffee roaster to viewing the design of the latest machines and coffee grinders, we learn how to get the right consistency of foam in our cappuccino, perhaps with those artistic motifs and decorations that we have admired in certain bars.
Drinking a coffee, is fast in Italy - and yet, how much preparation and expectation before actually drinking it!